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'12seconds for Peace' is a collaborative video-arts project, designed to raise the energy of manifestation for peace on our planet and in our individual hearts and minds. When humanity manifests internal peace and recognises the natural order of the human condition, then peace in the world will follow. The proceeds from 12seconds for Peace will go to support and aid the various good causes of a number of charitable and non-profit organisations around the world.

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Sunday, 31 January 2010

12seconds for Peace - Sylvie Durette

Our next video, from the lyricist Sylvie Durette is a beautiful piece dedicated to her three sons. The song snippet that you can hear on this video is from one of Sylvie's songs; 'Believe' and was recorded by The Other.

Sylvie's lyrical work has been taken up by a number of bands and solo musicians, including the rock band Black Widow, who recorded her song 'That's When Evil Touched Me' for their CD 'Sleeping with Demons'. She has also written for Dudes of Neptune, the Italian band GOAD (who recorded Sylvie's 'Man of Mystery' and 'Ghosts') and The Airwaves amongst others.

Sylvie is a passionate advocate for peace and an ardent campaigner for a better world, not only for humankind but for all other species with whom we share this planet. Her commitment to peace and to the earth is summed up beautifully in Sylvie's eloquent paraphrasing of the 23rd Psalm:

"The Earth is my Mother. I shall not want. Her hand brings forth the green pastures. She tarries within the still waters. She leads me in fields of fruitfulness for my Glory. Yea, as I walk through the summer of life unto death, I will not be afraid, for You are with me. Your womb in the earth will enfold me. You prepare a harvest before me and bless my home with children. You fill me with milk and honey. My cup overflows. Surely, goodness and beauty will nurture me all the days of my life, and I will become part of the earth forever" 

If you would like to know more about Sylvie's work, then please go to her MySpace page here.


12seconds for Peace

Saturday, 30 January 2010

12seconds for Peace - Ian Pordon

12seconds for Peace has just received a third video from a long time supporter of the project; Ian Pordon. Ian was there when the project was just a vague concept and helped to talk it through to manifestation over beer and cheese and onion crisps during a very snowy month of December 2009 in Rugby, Warwickshire in central England.

Ian is a committed Reiki practitioner having trained within the profound tradition and lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do - thus his background in Reiki is one that is not easily matched - having as he does, an insight into and understanding of the origins of the Reiki system that is not equalled within other traditions.

Ian's compassionate approach to his work, is well known and admired and is, in a practical sense, an extension of his commitment to the peace agenda. He can be contacted at: ian_pordon@hotmail.com

Many blessings,

12seconds for Peace

Friday, 29 January 2010

Creative Alchemy for Peace - String on 12seconds for Peace

In her own words - String talks about her contribution to and support for the 12seconds for Peace project. You can find String's video for the project here.

Many blessings,

12seconds for Peace

Thursday, 28 January 2010

12seconds for Peace - How it Began

The concept for 12seconds for Peace emerged a few weeks ago whilst chatting to a good friend of mine over the Christmas period. The idea came out of a desire to do something creative and meaningful with the video version of Twitter: 12seconds TV, which I had been playing with for some months previously but felt was a medium that was, artistically, vastly unexplored.

As an artist, my first impulse on encountering a new medium or a new material is to do something creative with the simmering rawness that I discover within it. 12seconds, it seemed to me had the potential to be the perfect platform on which to host a variety of short experimental videos; to do something perhaps a little unexpected and dynamic, possibly explosive with it.

Artists love a challenge. It is the challenge of creating something new in the world, something that has never existed before that is one of the key motivators for the creative process. Seeing the potential in a material that others have never seen, whether it be a hunk of rock or a social networking site. A collaborative piece seemed to be the best way forward. Little strands of audio-visual colour, knitted together around a common theme, streamed together as one unit or piece of work. An expansive kinetic collage of interlocking sensory explosions that would put a fire under the established order of social networking.

Thematically the focus was obvious. As one of the core members of the emergent Humanity Healing Foundation back when it was a glimmer on the outer reaches of MySpace, I wanted to drive forward the agenda of committed spiritual activism and peace and do it in a way that would be visually and artistically difficult to ignore, and in a way that others would want to buy into it with hard cash.

Since 12seconds for Peace went live, more and more people are wanting to contribute something to make this project work, because they see in it as I do, its potential to really make a difference to people in need. The energy of manifestation around this is growing all of the time.


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 24 January 2010

12seconds for Peace - String

12seconds for Peace is excited at having just received a second video from the artist String! Her video features 'Find the Cause' from the CD 'All of the Above' by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming.

String is all heart and has become a constant source of encouragement, friendship and support for this project due to her dedication to the creative genesis of peace. An artist, researcher and business manager with an in depth knowledge of the creative process for individuals and organisations, String works with clients to create working profiles, ethical opportunities and partnerships. She is also a co-producer of creative musical projects for media.

If you would like to know more about her work, you can find her website here: A Creative Alchemist


12seconds for Peace

Thursday, 21 January 2010

12seconds for Peace

12seconds for Peace is a video-arts and humanitarian project designed to bring together the creative talents of individuals, artists, musicians and film makers to dynamically push forward the agenda for peace while raising funds to enable this to happen. 12seconds for Peace will then negotiate the use of the videos by leading contemporary artists to create powerful multi-media art-works, to be exhibited around the world in a variety of contexts. 12seconds for Peace will actively ensure that the resultant work is shown for as high a fee as possible for potentially wide distribution, on behalf of various good causes around the world.

If you would like to participate in the project: Shoot a 12second video on the theme of 'peace' (max 12seconds in length, up to 50MB in size) and email it to 12seconds4peace@gmail.com. Videos will then be uploaded to the 12seconds TV site with Featured Videos being posted regularly on the 12seconds for Peace blog here. We accept many common file types and are working to include more. (If you have questions on file types email us at 12seconds4peace@gmail.com.)

Please ensure that all video content is your own and not the copyrighted work of others. By submitting a video you accept that your work, whilst the copyright stays with you, is available for 12seconds for Peace to use in other non-profit creative projects. Please read the legal information at the bottom of this page before submitting your video.

Your video must NOT be politically or religiously motivated or engage in finger-pointing of any kind, either at nations, defined groups of people, businesses (named or otherwise) or any other entity. This project is about positive manifestation of peace. The inclusion of controversial figures in your videos (such as political figures calling for peace), whilst permissable, should be thought through carefully. Think about the reaction that other people will have to such an inclusion - will it be positive or negative? If it is negative or will raise political or religious concerns, then don't include them.

12seconds for Peace is committed to making a difference on behalf of those in need.

Email your videos to: 12seconds4peace@gmail.com


Steve Gooch Founder of 12seconds for Peace

(12seconds for Peace is non-profit organisation and will target ALL funds generated from this project to those in desperate need).

The legal stuff.

RE: Your video

I hereby grant OmAhHum 12seconds for Peace (“OAH12” ) their licensees and assign the irrevocable right to: (a) edit and rearrange the audio/music/compositions/photography, still and written word ("the multimedia material") as “OAH12” deems appropriate; (b) to use and/or have "the multimedia material " edited and rearranged as “OAH12” deems appropriate and (c) distribute, exhibit, broadcast, and otherwise exploit “the multimedia material" in all versions, digital formats, and ancillary rights now known and to be discovered, in all media, worldwide, and in perpetuity. In the case of musical compositions, this includes the granting of non-exclusive synchronization and master use performance rights within the context of “the multimedia material” only.

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