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'12seconds for Peace' is a collaborative video-arts project, designed to raise the energy of manifestation for peace on our planet and in our individual hearts and minds. When humanity manifests internal peace and recognises the natural order of the human condition, then peace in the world will follow. The proceeds from 12seconds for Peace will go to support and aid the various good causes of a number of charitable and non-profit organisations around the world.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

12seconds for Peace - In the Classroom

'12seconds for Peace - The First Ten Minutes' and '12seconds for Peace - Ten Minutes Later' are, as I type this, wending their way, via Skype to a classroom at Vilnius University in Lithuania.

Akvilė Naikauskaitė, a law student at Vilnius University, seen here in the photograph, contacted me and asked if she could use the 12seconds for Peace videos as a part of a presentation that she is giving on Legal English terminology; her subject being war and peace. 12seconds for Peace of course, fits perfectly into this context, giving as it does, a whole plethora of views and expressions on the subject of peace. We can't help much with the war aspect, but peace - we've got it covered!

If you have somehow missed these two ground-breaking videos that will soon be screened to the Vilnius University law students, then this is the perfect opportunity to bring them both to your attention. Here is '12seconds for Peace - The First Ten Minutes' and '12seconds for Peace - Ten Minutes Later':

It is a real pleasure to be able to offer this project out in this way - to help educate others, to bring the message of peace that you have all helped to create to a wider audience and of course to promote this project further. Akvilė, I am sure will also be encouraging her fellow students to contribute to the project. 12seconds for Peace has already made some headway in Lithuania over the last few months and it would be wonderful to receive more videos from the country that is right at the heart of the European Union. Peace must, after all, begin in the heart.

We wish you much success with your presentation and your continued studies Akvilė, and thank you for taking 12seconds for Peace into the classroom!


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 14 November 2010

12seconds for Peace - Rohani Razak & Son

It's always a great feeling in the morning when checking emails, to find a message that there is a 12seconds for Peace video just arrived at Tokbox. This delivery by the cyber-postman this morning contained two wonderful videos from Rohani Razak and her son, and the first of them is presented here. This is our first contribution from Singapore and the fact that it has arrived, is testament to the fact that 12seconds for Peace is, inexorably spreading across the planet. Slowly but surely, people are finding this project and contributing. Ordinary people, who may not have the time or inclination to go on a rally, to sign a petition, to demonstrate at the gates, or throw themselves under tanks, are finding the time to sit down in front of their webcams for a minute or so and make a video for peace.

The Tokbox facility on the 12seconds for Peace blog is there for you to use. It takes less than a minute to record your video. If you haven't made one yet, why not give it a go now? It's simple: hit record, say your piece (be careful to time yourself to 12 seconds) and then hit send. How easy does it need to be? 12seconds for Peace is looking forward to receiving your video too. Rohani's video will now be included in the '12seconds for Peace - Revolution' compilation that is now gathering momentum. Why not join her and add your voice to the project? And of course, watch out for her second video, coming up soon!

Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Friday, 12 November 2010

12seconds for Peace - Alex D-ST

No words, no sounds....just the abstracted beauty of the shifting of sand and light....a zen moment of sublime peaceful reflection from Alex D-ST on 12seconds for Peace this time.

It is lovely to see so many experimental visions of peace appearing on this project. If you want to do something  a little 'out-there' for your contribution to 12seconds for Peace, then feel free to do so!! Please keep your videos coming in to: 12seconds4peace@gmail.com

Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

12seconds for Peace - Figen Bico 2

12seconds for Peace just keeps on rolling along! And here we are with the very first video from Figen Bico, that will open our next video compilation '12seconds for Peace - Revolution'.

This is a great little video from Figen - her second contribution to the project, and with a very important message: that peace is in fact liberation from suffering. Suffering is something that all of us are subject to at various times in our lives. It is something that often we go through quietly, on our own, resigned to seeing it through and hoping to come out the other end. There is no suffering in peace. Peace requires the elimination of suffering. Together and individually, suffering can be reduced, and many times eliminated. If we want peace, we must work on liberating ourselves and others from the cycle of suffering. When there is no suffering, then there will be peace! Thank you for your wonderful video Figen!


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 7 November 2010

12seconds for Peace - Imagine That!

'Imagine That!'  is a multi-media TV documentary production of visionary film-maker Wayne Sumstine. Wayne has long been a supporter of 12seconds for Peace and not surprisingly 12seconds for Peace has long been a supporter of Wayne's revolutionary TV concept Imagine That!

Imagine That! is, in Wayne's words "Positive programming for catalyzing change". A multi-media extravaganza of all that is good and happening in the world that is shifting the power dynamics from the hopeless, helpless and repressively fearful to the positive and life-affirming . Aren't we all sick and tired of the media's obsessive penchant for nose-diving into negativity and doing it's best to drag the rest of us down with it? Or at least blight our day with fear and a hopeless acceptance that we can do nothing to make a difference in the world?  Imagine That! shows us that we CAN make a difference. We CAN reclaim our right to live a life without fear, and contribute positively to the evolution of humankind.

12seconds for Peace and Imagine That! share the same agenda, the same vision, the same absolute conviction that together we can and will change the world for the better.

Once you have checked out Wayne's promo video here in which 12seconds for Peace gets a mention, then go check out his YouTube channel and keep up to date with Imagine That! as it evolves. You can find it here:

Imagine That!/Wayne Sumstine.


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

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