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'12seconds for Peace' is a collaborative video-arts project, designed to raise the energy of manifestation for peace on our planet and in our individual hearts and minds. When humanity manifests internal peace and recognises the natural order of the human condition, then peace in the world will follow. The proceeds from 12seconds for Peace will go to support and aid the various good causes of a number of charitable and non-profit organisations around the world.

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Saturday, 27 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Om-Times Magazine Feature!

12seconds for Peace has just been featured in the March issue of Humanity Healing's 'Om-Times Magazine'! Quietly, behind the scenes, 12seconds for Peace is growing and this is just the latest manifestation of that process!

Ten of our early video contributions have been included via YouTube embeds and there is a full-length feature article by author and 12seconds for Peace creator; Steve Gooch!

Just click 'Om-Times Magazine' to go to the latest online edition - and spread the word!


12seconds for Peace.

Friday, 26 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Cleo Isaacs

It's always a pleasure to receive a new video contribution to 12seconds for Peace and it is even more of a pleasure when the contributor happens to be Bollywood star, supermodel and singer Cleo Isaacs! Cleo's sensually ambient rendition of peace includes a snippet of one of her own unreleased songs which perfectly enhances the visual feast of her photography. Here is her video:

Known for her smouldering beauty and charismatic personality, Cleo has been a consistent force in Bollywood, attracting the attention of many top filmmakers. She has also graced the cover of 'Femina' magazine (amongst others) and appeared in a wide range of well-known commercials for top brands such as Levis, Wrigleys, Colgate and Diet Coke. The unstoppable force of Cleo's career has lead her to appear in blockbuster videos such as Kamaal Khan, Silk Route, Steronation and Sahotas and to set the catwalk ablaze for many couture designers: Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, JJ Vallaya, Rocky S and Sumeet Chopra.

An ardent supporter of the work of Humanity Healing, Cleo is also an active Humanity Healing Ambassador, dedicated to the cause of spiritual activism and the agenda of peace, and recently took the cover feature in Humanity Healing's own 'Om-Times' magazine.

If you would like to know more about Cleo, just click through to her website here.


12seconds for Peace

Monday, 22 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Kelly Anne Tearney

12seconds for Peace is overjoyed that well known peace artist and activist Kelly Anne Tearney has decided to contribute a video to our rapidly expanding project! Kelly's reputation in the peace art community is second to none and her stunning contribution, redolent of the 60's flower-power era, brings out the simplicity and joy of the push for peace, both powerfully and colourfully.

Kelly can generally be found in her art studio 'Peace by Peace Designs' nestled away in the woods of Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, where she creates all of her free-to-use art pieces in the spirit of global oneness and sharing, in spite of their huge commercial viability.

As she has noted."It isn't about me, it's about all of us. When I finish a piece, I don't think of it as mine any more. It's created with the hope of inspiring thoughts of peace. If a picture says a thousand words, I can think of nothing more important for those words to convey, than peace. I do my very best to come from my heart."

If you wish to make a video and are not sure where to start, then Kelly's beautiful site might give you some ideas and inspiration. You can find the Peace Art Site here, or in the sidebar of this blog as a permanent reference.


12seconds for Peace

Saturday, 20 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Steve Gooch - 2

Another video and this one by 12seconds for Peace creator; Steve Gooch. As others are working on their videos and Humanity Healing are wrapping up their feature for the March edition of Om-Times Magazine, it seemed timely to present another video.

Making a video for 12seconds for Peace really does not take long, nor does it take great technical expertise. There are a number of very simple video editing programmes around and if you run Windows (XP, Vista or 7) you have access to Windows Movie Maker, which should only take a few minutes to figure out.

Be a part of the global push for peace and help raise funds to make it happen. A few minutes of your time to help build this project can bring others not only peace, but a future that is worth living.


12seconds for Peace

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Litana Somoano

Next up for 12seconds for Peace is this lovely video from Litana Somoano who came across the project via MySpace. Litana stated that she believes that peace starts from within and this is expressed beautifully in the photos that she took for this video - the external manifestation of a profound tranquility that ushers forth from an understanding of the true nature of peace.

Litana's personal spiritual quest is one that guides her and has motivated her contribution to this project. As she has stated:

"I am getting to know myself and the people that enlighten my life everyday. I love the arts. I love music. It's all about enriching my life and those around me. It all comes down to being yourself."

You can find Litana on MySpace by clicking the link here.


12seconds for Peace

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Ascending Hearts

12seconds for Peace is happy to have received a contribution from Ascending Hearts; 'The premier dating community for the spiritually awake'. Ascending Hearts are not only very proactive in the field of spreading more love around but they are also contributing financially to the global humanitarian work of Humanity Healing through a 50% donation of all new sign-ups between now and June 30th.

Tim at Ascending Hearts:

"The spiritual path is more than one's personal view of the divine or living a more conscious and self-actualized lifestyle, it is about connecting hearts at a soul level to ascend into a new era of peace and harmonious living. We believe the best place to begin connecting hearts is with your own soulmate."

Sometimes it is hard to reconcile a desire for peace in the world with a personal sense of lonliness and thus an absence of inner peace. Maybe Ascending Hearts could be the answer to helping fill the void on a more romantic level.

You can find out more about Ascending Hearts by clicking on the link to their premier dating site here.


12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 14 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Art For Peace!

If you have never made a video before the prospect of doing so can seem pretty daunting - especially if you are being asked to limit yourself to a 12 second time frame!

The fantastic Peace Art Site may be your answer! Here you will find a huge catalogue of free peace art to download. Most of the images are .gif files so they flicker/glow/shimmer and look great when strung together to make a video.

Created, compiled and hosted by Humanity Healing supporter Kelly Anne Tearney, you will find here hundreds of inspirational ideas for your 12seconds for Peace video.

To start putting together your own collection of Peace Art images for your 12seconds for Peace video, go to: The Peace Art Site.

An alternative is to just scour the web. There are many sites offering free downloads of a variety of .gif images and many of them on the theme of peace. You can see a slightly longer than 12 seconds demo below. This just took a few minutes of downloading .gif files and dropping them into Windows Movie Maker. All you need to do then is add a soundtrack!


12seconds for Peace.

12seconds for Peace - Vikki Westerman & Paul Sanders

Our peace-offering this time is from Vikki Westerman and Paul Sanders in the UK. Both Vikki and Paul are self-confessedly passionate about the world around them and have a deep love of nature. The pictures on their video give a sense of this and all have a special and specific meaning to both Vikki and Paul.

Very much involved in and concerned for the welfare and protection of animals that suffer at humankinds hands, Vikki and Paul share their commitment and love by actively pursuing peaceful change to ease suffering and to bring understanding of the plight of other species to the wider public.

Vikki has this to say on their contribution to 12seconds for Peace:

"12 seconds for Peace is something we are proud to have shared in, what a simple way to express how precious this world is."


12seconds for Peace.

Friday, 12 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - News Update - Om-Times

12seconds for Peace is about to get a big increase in its public exposure when it appears in a feature article in the March edition of Humanity Healing's hugely successful online magazine Om-Times. Om-Times has an estimated readership of something in the region of 60-70,000 people. Also watch out for their more frequent newsletter to members which should also soon be giving exposure to this project - hopefully on a regular basis.

Humanity Healing's own contribution to 12seconds for Peace IS on its way as are more details of the work they are doing in Uganda to help the victims of the war there (the current project that we are supporting). Watch this space for further information and please do go and check out the work that Humanity Healing are doing around the globe. You can find Om-Times by clicking the link here.


12seconds for Peace

12seconds for Peace - Andie Vargas-Sattler

Our next video is from long-time supporter of the work of Humanity Healing; Andie Vargas-Sattler. This is another lovely work and one that has been produced with a specific audience in mind: the young. After all these are the people to whom we bequeath the future and all of our hopes and dreams.

Andie Vargas-Sattler is a Graphic Designer residing in the Palm Beaches of Florida.  Known for her expressive artwork, she is committed to bridging the gap between the spoken word, the conceptual idea and the visual art piece. Currently working on designing, illustrating and writing her own children's book, she is excited about also spanning the medium of video with her addition to the 12 Seconds For Peace project.

Shot in a dream sequence on a child's playground, amidst a dancing palm tree and sun, the laughter featured in the video is indicative of a child's joy, which every child deserves to have no matter their origin, during times of prosperity and global peace.

For more information on Andie Vargas-Sattler's work, please click the link here.


12seconds for Peace

12seconds for Peace - On YouTube

12seconds for Peace is barely a month old but in that time the attention and plaudits that it has received has been phenomenal and continues to grow. Messages of support, videos and promises of videos have become a daily ocurrence, along with suggestions on how the project can be improved.

One of the suggestions, that has come up a number of times is that 12seconds for Peace would perhaps be better served by using the services of YouTube to promote its work. We have now revised our plans in line with your suggestions  and the 12seconds for Peace YouTube channel is now open! You can find it here: 12seconds for Peace on YouTube along with a permanent link at the top of this page. Do watch out for our compilation videos which will be exclusive to the YouTube channel!


12seconds for Peace.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Garry Lock

The next 12seconds for Peace video comes from Garry Lock from Alberta, Canada. Garry's honest and unassuming manner and genuine sense of down-to-earth naturalness can't help but give you the feeling that here is someone with a deep understanding of the true nature of peace.

In Garry's words:

"I chose wildflowers for the video because really, wildflowers in nature...present an essence of peace and naturalness that you will not find in daily living. Perhaps this is what the world needs to do to find peace....by reconnecting with nature and our inner selves. Having said that, I'm just an ordinary fellow who wants to see a better world - just someone who desires peace, and throwing a 12 second clip together takes no time at all."

If this doesn't say pretty much all there is to say about the need and desire for peace that rests in the hearts and minds of all of us on this planet, then I don't know what does.


12seconds for Peace.

Monday, 8 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - News Update

It has been a couple of days since our last video upload. More videos are now in however and others are on their way and will be uploaded soon! Please DO contribute your own video to this collaborative effort. The project is growing all of the time and garnering more and more attention from all corners of the globe. NOW is the time to push for peace! Let us together build this thought-form for peace and bring it into manifestation! You can start by supporting this project and sending in your 12second interpretation of what peace means for you! The time is now!


12seconds for Peace

Friday, 5 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - The First Five Minutes Preview

We thought that it might be an appropriate time to show you the compilation video '12seconds for Peace - The First Ten Minutes' which is being put together from your individual contributions. You can see the work in progress below.

The short compilation that you see here is frankly stunnning and deeply moving. It is the handiwork of individuals that, having perhaps nothing else in common, wish to create a bond of friendship and shared intent for a better world for all of us. We can all do something to help manifest peace by contributing a short video to this project which will be used to raise money to help provide sustainable solutions for the war-torn victims of Uganda.

Your contribution will be added to the growing collection of videos that will be given as raw material to a leading contemporary artist to make a video-artwork that can be exhibited, used and enjoyed by many around the globe. 12seconds for Peace is already putting together and arranging contacts with leading contemporary art sites in Eastern Europe and elesewhere, with a view to having this collaborative work exhibted as widely as possible.

Please contribute and get your family and friends to contribute also! Is 12seconds for Peace too much time for anyone to give up?


12seconds for Peace

Thursday, 4 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Shannon Lyons & MASQUE MusicArt

This next beautiful piece is a collaborative work between fractal artist Shannon Lyons and MASQUE MusicArt. The tranquil nature of MASQUE MusicArt's music is given a patina of light through the beautiful transluscence of Shannon's delicate artwork. Both music and art are frankly awe-inspiring and have come together here to make an utterly sublime dance of light and sound.

Shannon describes herself as "...a chromesthetic fractal artist with a whacky belief that world peace can happen this week if we let it..." 12seconds for Peace certainly doesn't think that this belief is whaky at all! Peace can happen if we let it. It just takes an effort of will and a determination to manifest it in the here and now. Peace is literally a thought away. 

You can see more of Shannon's stunning artwork by clicking through to her MySpace page here.

MASQUE MusicArt has said about his music "...although I would want for the music of Masque MusicArt to be more avantgarde with total visual/emotion experience, I have to refrain myself from going overboard before the song turns into Salvador Dali painting on steroid."

You can find out more about the enigmatic MASQUE MusicArt by clicking here.


12seconds for Peace

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Steve Morton

This next utterly sublime and poignant video-vignette is from Steve Morton - an extremely accomplished musician with a variety of bands, spanning a twenty year career. This is a wonderful addition to the 12seconds for Peace collection!

Starting out as a bassist Steve quickly moved on to guitar, keyboards and percussion whilst working in a progressive/electronica band. Since 2003 he has been recording solo under the name 'srm'. His oeuvre is extremely wide and ecletic and is testament to his commitment to a musical passion that has taken him through a range of styles and genres. As Steve has said:

"I've played punk, progressive, psychedelia, country and electronic and have gone from R&R wannabe to semi-retired, semi-pro 'recording artist'; enjoying creating without the constraints of trying to be 'commercial'."

Steve's passion is clearly registered on all levels in his music and you can find out more about the man and listen to some of his music on his ReverbNation page here.


12seconds for Peace

Monday, 1 February 2010

12seconds for Peace - Chris Khoo

We are very pleased to have received a truly astonishing video from guitarist Chris Khoo! Chris has definitely raised the creative stakes with his 'techno-peace-frenzy' offering for 12seconds for Peace!

An Englishman living in Spain for the last twenty years, Chris spent 11 years with the Spanish group Fangoria - an electronic/techno-pop outfit. Alongside an extensive touring schedule - mainly to Latin-speaking countries, Chris saw all eight of the albums that he worked on with Fangoria, go straight to #1.

For the past year he has been concentrating on songwriting and a variety of other projects. 12seconds for Peace is very pleased that he decided to put some time aside to make this incredible video for us.


12seconds for Peace

12seconds for Peace - News Update

12seconds for Peace IS becoming something of a phenomenon! In just 2 weeks or so since it's launch, it has started to attract a growing number of contributors, eager to submit their videos to add to our cyber-collage and to put their weight behind the push for peace AND to raise funds for the suffering refugees in Uganda.

12seconds for Peace is going to keep uploading the videos as we receive them to our dedicated 12seconds for Peace page on 12seconds TV, but to potential contributors: please be patient. We want to give maximum exposure to each of you. Right now that is fairly easy to do and we are going to do all we can to feature your work and promote it as much as possible.

You may also like to know that 12seconds for Peace is in the process of contructing a MySpace page. There is at the time of this writing, nothing there other than our profile pic, but please feel free to add us as a friend now: www.myspace.com/12seconds4peace. You will see a link at the top of this page when it is all done.

Finally, once your video has appeared here, if you want the embed code for it to post to your own page, please email 12seconds4peace@gmail.com and we will gladly send it to you.


12seconds for Peace

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