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'12seconds for Peace' is a collaborative video-arts project, designed to raise the energy of manifestation for peace on our planet and in our individual hearts and minds. When humanity manifests internal peace and recognises the natural order of the human condition, then peace in the world will follow. The proceeds from 12seconds for Peace will go to support and aid the various good causes of a number of charitable and non-profit organisations around the world.

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Michael Matthews

12seconds for Peace is very pleased to have received the first Reiki video following on from our call yesterday for Reiki practitioners and masters to contribute by sending Reiki to the call for peace. Michael Matthews from Florida has stepped up to the challenge of Reiki for Peace on 12seconds for Peace!

In Michael's own words:

"Healing work has been a part of my self expression for many years. I am a Reiki master, do body work, coaching, and have developed my own style combining energy healing and hypnotherapy techniques in what I call 'Energetic Trance' work. I have also run wilderness survival programs using those skills as a metaphor for emotional and spiritual survival in the world at large.

"In November of 2007 I was called to be a part of the healing transformation of the practice of law. For the past two years I have traveled the country filming interviews with lawyers, judges, and law professors committed to humanizing the practice, to move it in a holistic direction. I was inspired by the question, "What if lawyers were problem solvers, peacemakers, and healers of conflict?" I see this as an extension of my healing work to healing the fabric of our social structure and world. Please support our work with your prayers and by visiting our site: www.CuttingEdgeLaw.com."


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Monday, 29 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Reiki for Peace

The spiritual healing modality of Reiki has long had a tradition of 'beaming' or sending healing energy over a distance to a person or a situation in need of healing or restoring to its natural state of being. The natural state of being of humankind - and thus of the planet is one of peace.

Peace is something that we all wish to see in our lives - personally, socially, nationally and internationally.

Reiki can make a difference. Reiki has been shown over and over again, both anecdotally and scientifically to impact directly and dramatically on that which it is focused on or sent to.

Reiki, not belonging to or aligning itself with any particular religious or spiritual belief is accessible to and used by people of all faiths. It is the fastest growing healing method in the world today - surely a measure of its ability to impact positively for the benefit of those  in need.

12seconds for Peace is calling on Reiki practitioners and masters everywhere to contribute a 12seconds for Peace video in which Reiki is sent for the benefit of all beings. It has been reported many times that the energetic quality and nature of the healing energy can indeed be felt from a still photograph or a video clip of someone sending Reiki. Let's put this to the test!

Either record your video on the screen above - making sure you do not run over 12 seconds and hit send, or email your pre-recorded video to: 12seconds4peace@gmail.com


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Saturday, 27 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Maria Maxwell - 4

Maria Maxwell does it again for 12seconds for Peace! Thank you Maria! It's this simple: sit in front of a cam, make your vid and email to: 12seconds4peace@gmail.com


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Maria Maxwell - 3

Maria Maxwell's latest video contribtion to 12seconds for Peace is a reminder of one of the central reasons why peace is so important: the future of our children - those already here and those yet to come. It is our duty and responsibility to bequeth to them a world that is better than the one we inherited. We can choose to make this happen or not - peace is only a thought away. All we have to do is change our minds.


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Interview on Planting Seeds for Peace Radio

Having recently teamed up with Planting Seeds for Peace on the 'Peace in Our Lifetime' initiative, it was with great pleasure that I was able to discuss 12seconds for Peace with co-hosts Lynne Hazelden and Marcia Johnson from Planting Seeds last night. A lively and wide-ranging interview full of passion and a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world! You can hear it in the player below:

You can find out more about Planting Seeds for Peace and it's alliance with 12seconds for Peace on the previous blog post here and you can download the Planting Seeds Peace Certificate in the sidebar of this blog - add your voice to the call for peace!


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 21 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Eliland

This is a truly beautiful little video for 12seconds for Peace from Eliland. Shot whilst on a walk near Lake Jessop in Florida early one morning, Eliland's video culminates in the image of the white feather.

The white feather is an interesting symbol. Associated with cowardice across those countries formerly a part of the British Empire, it is also widely used as a peace symbol and in the United States as one of extraordinary bravery. For those more spiritually inclined, the discovery of a white feather signifies the presence of angels in one's life.

Instead of a link to her own page, Eliland has asked me to draw your attention to the work of the White Feather Foundation which you can find here.

"The White Feather Foundation embraces environmental and humanitarian issues and in conjunction with partners from around the world, helps to raise funds for the betterment of all life and honours those who have truly made a difference."


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

12seconds for Peace - How To Make Your Movie With Windows Movie Maker

You want to make a 12seconds for Peace video but don't know how? Check out the video here on how to make a 12seconds for Peace video with Windows Movie Maker.

You could also try www.onetruemedia.com where you can make a video for free right on the website. Just follow the instructions on your screen.


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Thursday, 18 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Record Your Video Right Here!

Just to make things a little easier, 12seconds for Peace has now included the TokBox embed at the top of the page for you to record your 12seconds video right from this blog! You can also find it on our MySpace page. Why not give it a go now? Here it is for you to try:

Just hit the record button, share your message of peace and then send! It's that simple! Just make sure that your video is no longer than 12 seconds so that we can upload it to our primary account on 12seconds TV.

Looking forward to receiving even more of your 12seconds for Peace videos!


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Mandy England

The ambient beauty of Mandy England's video is one that conjures up the peaceful tranquility of much of southern England...England at rest in that twilight hour....around the spiritual heartlands of the Celtic and Arthurian legends of the British Isles.


Steve Gooch for 12seconds for Peace

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Snow Eagle's Mantra

Reminiscent of the earlier work by Steve Morton, Snow Eagle's Mantra looks to nature to exemplify the qualities of peace.


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Monday, 15 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Mister C

Yesterday, 12seconds for Peace received this very simple video from someone called 'Mister C'. I had hoped to tell you a little about him and give you the link through to his YouTube channel as he had requested. However, as I came to write this piece, his account - indeed all four of his YouTube accounts, have disappeared, along with some very beautiful video art-works that he had made. All that is left is this one video. Thank you Mister C....whoever you are!


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 14 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Maria Maxwell - 2

A really powerful, hard-hitting video contribution from Maria Maxwell this time and one that dovetails beautifully with Jonathan Coote's previous contribution.

We do of course totally endorse the central question and response of Maria's video: War - what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Saturday, 13 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Jonathan Coote - 3

12seconds for Peace is very happy to have received a third video from Jonathan Coote and one that completes his trilogy of videos - the very first 12seconds for Peace trilogy!

In this video, as Jonathan has noted, we see him engaging in the Tibetan Buddhist custom of prostration whilst praying and also blessing 'the three jewels' - these being; the Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha), and the Sangha (the community of followers of the Buddhist teachings).

The fact that Jonathan is engaging in prayers and blessings in front of a tank also offers a powerful message about the actions that are needed to achieve peace, rather than just prayers and hopes.

Jonathan had this to say:

"...this videos demonstrates the cost of peace and asks the question what price are you willing to pay to see peace a reality?"

You can find Jonathan's earlier parts of his trilogy here: Part 1.
                                                                                    Part 2.


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Friday, 12 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Peace in Our Lifetime

12seconds for Peace is joining forces with 'Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation' to help promote the 'Peace in Our Lifetime' initiative, as a part of it's continuing efforts to promote the cause of peace and to help shape a more just and equitable world.

Planting Seeds is proactively encouraging the various strands of the global movement for a better world to come together as one voice. Groups that are campaigning to save the rainforests or to protect an endagered species and those active in securing the human rights of political prisoners have one goal in common: to make the world a better place for all. The 'Peace in Our Lifetime' campaign is designed to bring together these disparate groups, to stand as one in the name of peace. From the Planting Seeds website:

"Many people here and in the world are all working to bring peace to the planet. We are now colliding in our intentions. We should realise that it has to be beyond one person's vision or project. It will require every ONE of us to speak together. No matter who we are, change begins with us - YOU - the person reading this.

"PEACE will bring not only an END to WAR, but to POVERTY and HUNGER too. Peace in our hearts will find us naturally taking care of our ENVIROMENT, NATURE, all our planet's creatures along with the inhabitants we share this gorgeous earth with."

Centrally involved in the Nobel Laureates 'Peace Jam' initiative, Planting Seeds has agreed to partner with 12seconds for Peace to further our mutual aims of securing a brighter future for the generations to come. 12seconds for Peace is therefore proud to help promote the Planting Seeds 'Peace in Our Lifetime Certificate', which you can find in the sidebar of this blog. Add your voice to the call for peace by filling in the form and downloading your own certificate.

You can find out more about the work of Planting Seeds &The Kind Foundation here.


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Thursday, 11 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Maria Maxwell

A beautiful video laden with expectation for peace from Maria Maxwell. This is Maria's first ever video but having given her the bug for it, she promises to make many more!

Maria had this to say:

"I've spent my life raising children who needed a home but right now there's just me finally with extra time to look around me... a person with a passion for life and a belief that it is time for people to come together and speak up for a better world."

12seconds for Peace echoes Maria's belief wholeheartedly! It IS time to speak up for peace. Thank you so much for your wonderful video contribution Maria!


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Monday, 8 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Interview with Founder Steve Gooch on OneFeather Journal Radio

It was my great pleasure last night to record an interview on 12seconds for Peace with Chris (OneFeather) Anderson for his OneFeather Journal Radio show on BlogTalkRadio. You may remember that Chris recently contributed his own video to this project, and you can find it here.

In this lively discussion, Chris and I talk about how the 12seconds for Peace project got started, where it is heading in the future and what we can each do as individuals to help manifest peace in the here and now. A fascinating interview, that has received wide applause from its listeners. Just click on the play button below.

If you want to catch up with more of Chris's shows and his line-up of special guest interviews, you can find his BlogTalkRadio show; OneFeather Journal Radio here.


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Sunday, 7 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Jonathan Coote - 2

Our second contribution from Jonathan Coote resonates with the vibration of peace through his use of the Tibetan singing bowl - an ancient technique for creating peace and harmony.

Used extensively as an aid to meditation, the singing bowl is a ritual object used extensively in the Himalayan regions of Tibet and Nepal and more recently in the west. Traditionally made from seven different metals (gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead) they are said to correspond to the seven 'planets' or heavenly bodies: The sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Regardless of the metaphysical aspects of their ritual use in meditation, there is no doubt that the singing bowl does indeed emit a sound that is conducive to bringing about a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Perhaps this is where we all need to start in creating a better world: by creating a better internal experience of that world; one filled with peace and harmony. A singing bowl is a great aid in that process!


Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Friday, 5 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson's exhortation for a spiritual dimension to the manifestation of peace is one that we are extremely happy to receive! Like Jonathan Coote's previous video, there is very much an emphasis on personal responsibillity and the cultivation of peace within. This surely is a necessary precursor to peace in the world around us.

Chris is a writer that was, as he has stated, "educated in both the values of the prevailing society as well as having been raised by grandparents who contributed Native American spiritual and ethical insights to his growth..." He now devotes his life to mystical spirituality and the unraveling of the grand questions of life: Who are we? Where did we come from and where are we going? His current pre-occupation is with the study and teaching of 'A course in Miracles' - a spiritual textbook and guide for the modern age based on the teachings of the Abrahamic religions.

Chris also hosts the BlogTalk radio show 'Onefeather Journal Radio' which you can find here and for which I will soon be giving an interview on the 12seconds for Peace initiative - details to follow.

You can find out more about Chris and his various works by clicking the link here.

Peace - salam alikum,

Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Thursday, 4 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - Jonathan Coote

Jonathan Coote's powerful video contribution to 12seconds for Peace speaks volumes for the necessity of engendering the state of peace within oneself. The 'Om Shanti' mantra that he intones here can be translated as 'I am a peaceful soul' or 'ocean of peace' and it's sounding is considered to help in engendering the feeling of peace for the practitioner. Mantra's are sound symbols that carry the energetic essence of the quality that they relate too, and it is this that Jonathan is conveying in his beautiful video here.

is a committed spiritual seeker with a background in Christianity, Judaism, Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism who currently lives in Owen Sound in Ontario, Canada; a place widely known as a spiritual hub that is rich in energy and spiritual awareness. It is this spiritual focus that Jonathan brings to his video and which he wishes to encourage in others.

"I have journeyed to places in meditation that are beyond logic, beyond human reasoning. My attempt here is to try and share...some of this with you. I do have one request before you proceed (with your practice). Perhaps set your preconceptions and what it is you think you know aside and enjoy your journey."

You can find out more about Jonathan at his website: Snow Eagles Mantra.

Om Shanti,

Steve Gooch, Founder of 12seconds for Peace

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

12seconds for Peace - A New Way of Contributing?

This morning 12seconds for Peace received this beautiful audio track from Sheila at 'Sounds from Source' It is available now to anyone that wants to use it on their video contribution to the 12seconds for Peace project.

If you like what you hear and think that it would make a great soundtrack for your video, then please email 12seconds for Peace at: 12seconds4peace@gmail.com and we can send it right out to you. Once we receive your video contribution, Sounds from Source will of course be credited alongside you, but we are sure you won't mind that!


Sheila's lovely contribution here of course begs the question, can others also contribute audio to this project? There is no reason why not! Anything you contribute will be passed on for others to use in their video productions and you will get a full credit on the blog for your work. A new and novel way of helping this project along and one that others will surely appreciate.

Blessings and love,

Steve Gooch, Founder 12seconds for Peace

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Grantor hereby warrants and represents that (i) Grantor has the power, right, authority, and legal capacity to enter into this Release; ii) the granting of rights herein does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any person, firm or corporation.

I hereby forever release and discharge OmAhHum 12seconds for Peace, their licensees and assignees ("Releasees") of and from any and all claims that I may now or may hereafter have against the “Releasees” that may arise in any way out of my participation in “the multimedia material” or out of the use or exercise of the rights granted herein.

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